(Material aspects) Dreaming of planets is to be linking with very subtle energies, which surround us and have an effect on our lives, even though we may not be… [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective) The interpretations of the planetary significances are: jupiter suggests growth and expansion, and also freedom from limitation. Mars indicates activity and war but also… [...]


Spiritually, once we become aware of how the subtle energies can help us live our lives successfully, we can learn to make use of planetary energy. This is… [...]


…receiving a leadership position. If one sees the sun, the moon and all the planets assembled before him, and together they all produced a radiant and a magnificent light in… [...]


To dream of a telescope, portends unfavorable seasons for love and domestic affairs, and business will be changeable and uncertain. To look at planets and stars through one, portends… [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective) Most metals have symbolic meanings. They can also be connected with various planets: sun is represented by gold, the moon by silver, mercury by quicksilver,… [...]


…that you are going through a period of uncertain changes. To dream that you are looking through a telescope at the stars and planets signifies pleasurable but expensive journeys…. [...]


…planets; foretells famine, wars, and troubles of all kinds. To dream that you fly with black wings, portends bitter disappointments. To fall while flying, signifies your downfall. If you wake… [...]


…lives in tune with the universe. The spheres of influence of the planets were first described by plato and modern astrology stills tend to follow his teachings. By then using… [...]


…common factor is between them and how this might relate to our lives. You might like to consult the entries for celebrity, crowd, group, planets and shapes / patterns…. [...]